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Missing Person Empty Pair of Shoes next to mother and child's shoes [Image © Jamie Wilson -]

[Image © Jamie Wilson –]

If you find yourself daydreaming about finding someone from your past, or finding someone in hiding, Mike Garroutte of Linked Investigations is determined to help you locate them. Regardless of whether the person you are looking for wants to be found or not, locating services are private, personal, professional and profitable for your peace of mind.

Most private citizens don’t realize how laborious and time-consuming it can be to find someone. Even trying to find family members can be met with increasing privacy restrictions and legal concerns from individuals who are afraid of potentially negative ramifications.

Get Results Fast

After solving countless cases efficiently and quickly, our clients often remark they wish they had hired us sooner, rather than wasting their efforts in the first place. Rely on a trained professional to dig on your behalf and avoid the hassle of searching for a lost connection.

Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to request a complimentary consultation. Call (714) 432-9911 or email us at Please let us know the most appropriate time to reach you, and whether we have permission to leave a voice mail message if you don’t answer.



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