About Us

Mike Garroutte, Founder

Mike Garroutte, Founder


Licensed Private Investigator, founder and owner of Linked Investigations, Mike Garroutte has been in business in southern California for over 30 years.

While special focus has been given to the Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, and Orange County areas, we also have professional investigative contacts based in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Missouri, and Florida.

Let Us Help You Find Your Missing Person

Our mission is simple – at Linked Investigations, we want to find your missing person as quickly, efficiently, and painlessly to you as possible. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation for all new clients.

Our private investigators are capable of fully assessing even minute details of your case. We turn your red tape into our red carpet by engaging in an extensive professional contact network that’s been established over the many years of our service in the field. A long history with top-notch data networks, a keen understanding of human psychology and a knack for asking the right questions makes us experts in locating the individual you are looking for.

Call us at 714-432-9911 or CLICK HERE to contact us now!

Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to request a complimentary consultation. Call (714) 432-9911 or email us at info@find-a-person-private-investigative-services.com. Please let us know the most appropriate time to reach you, and whether we have permission to leave a voice mail message if you don’t answer.



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