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Ever wondered where your childhood crush is in this season of life? Have you lost sleep thinking about a half-sibling you haven’t seen since your parent divorced from their parent? What about your favorite teacher or mentor, with whom you shared every detail of your agonizing adolescent years in middle school and/or high school?

Have you found yourself searching through Twitter, Facebook or other social media sites looking up a name that is haunting your memory?

These are all signs indicating that you may benefit from hiring a private investigator to find a person that you’re looking for. Our services can provide some closure regarding a past relationship. Often, a face-to-face reintroduction is necessary in order to move forward in your life with confidence, assurance, clarity, and a more full sense of self.

A Private Investigator Can Help You Find That Special Someone

Other situations where Linked Investigations can help you find someone include:

  • College friends
  • Foster families
  • Adoptive parents you’ve lost track of through the years
  • Biological parents who skipped out on some portion of your life
  • Face down an unprosecuted offender
  • Find someone from your parents’ or extended family’s past
  • Track down a person who owes you money
  • Locate a person you want to ask forgiveness from for your own past indiscretions

Feel free to contact us with your questions, or to request a complimentary consultation. Call (714) 432-9911 or email us at Please let us know the most appropriate time to reach you, and whether we have permission to leave a voice mail message if you don’t answer.



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